William Sitch

William Sitch

William Sitch

Entrepreneurial sales leader; world-class coach; strategic thinker; insightful communicator
I am passionate about building teams that find new business, grow existing business, and deliver organization-changing results. My leadership is based on trust, 1:1 coaching, strategic planning, and the power of action; I have a growth mindset and love to learn new things.

Success stories

With more than 15 years of experience leading technical sales, marketing, and business development efforts, I am committed to my customer's success. My teams have launched new products, solved complex problems, reacted to the voice of the customer, and created significant stakeholder value. Some recent wins include:
Prospecting Challenge

Strategic sales enablement initiative to teach prospecting and business development skills to 75+ account managers and sales managers.

Result: $5.1M new pipeline and 2,500+ new contacts from previously-unknown logos/groups.

NI 2020 Initiative

2019 Americas Sales MVP

President's Club award for people, portfolio, process leadership resulting in outstanding customer results. "Exceptional" ranking on the 2019 Sales Performance Bonus program.

Result: 21% YoY sales growth in 2019, including 52% YoY increase in ACV for software and professional services.

NI 2019 Award

Business Unit Strategy

Leading an organizational-wide response to a key transportation customer's Linux software requirements

Result: 170%+ YoY sales growth at an enterprise transportation account in 2020.

NI 2019 Initiative

Marketing Rebrand

Developed new branding and thought leadership content related to solution bundles focused on specific industries.

Result: 11.5% increase in MQLs, 15% increase in MQL value.

Keysight 2018 Initiative

Leadership tenets

My strong management skills and extensive leadership experience are based on kindness, clear communication, immutable values, and a commitment to shared success. Below are a few of my core management/leadership beliefs:

Lead by example

I influence others through my behaviour. I have high standards and I personally demonstrate my expectations.

Leadership vision

I build, articulate, and passionately own a compelling vision of success. My vision informs my action, beliefs, and goals.

Strategic thinking

I consider the personal, political, business, and technical aspects of decision making. I make data-driven decisions.


I am a relentless do-er. I have a strong bias for action. My teams and I get things done.

One on One

I know my people exceptionally well. I develop trust and learn how to support, engage, motivate, and inspire them.


I communicate incessantly about performance. I share positive and constructive feedback in a timely fashion.


I ask for improved performance. I help my teams identify meaningful goals, build plans, and execute to success.


I grow organizational capability. I provide clear guidance on deliverables and timeline while ensuring accountability.

Skill set

Salesforce (CRM)

Administrator, power user; experience customizing SFDC interactions with other applications and services, writing custom reports, dashboards, and KPIs

Eloqua, CC (MAP)

Administrator, power user; experience designing leadscoring algorithms, integrating workflow with SFDC, developing analytics, integrating third-party services (Adwords, etc)

SAP, Oracle (ERP + BI)

Power user; experience writing complex queries with joins and references spanning multiple tables, optimizing for performance, designing executive dashboards and reports


Administrator, power user; experience designing data structures in SQL and noSQL architectures, data cleansing, query design, performance optimization

Cloud services

Administrator, power user; experience commissioning and developing cloud computing services (primarily GCP), including authentication, databases, analytics, and business application development

Node.js, Python, PHP

Power user; experience writing complex asynchronous web-, storage-, and event-driven cloud functions interfacing with auth, database, storage functions, and third-party API-driven services

HTML, Vue, web code

Power user; experience designing intuitive UI, writing device-agnostic highly responsive front-end code (however my expertise does not extend to clean SCSS/CSS styling)

Microsoft Office

Power user; PPT presenter, OneNote historian, Sharepoint librarian, Outlook scribe, Word author, Excel pivoter, Teams connector


Some awesome people have said some very nice things about me. Check out the full recommendations on my LinkedIn profile .

William excels [… at] mentoring his sales people [, …] finding & winning large opportunities [, and] prospecting new business

profile pic Agit Gokhale Executive Vice President Nov 2020

Through William's leadership, the impact [of a sales enablement program] was immediate in increasing account knowledge, deepening relationships with customer, and growing the overall pipeline.

profile pic Jeff Meisel Dir Marketing, Americas Nov 2020

William brought meaningful and positive change to the NI sales organization, prompting the entire AMER sales force to learn value-based prospecting and develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with our customers.

profile pic Jade Long Account Manager Nov 2020

What I appreciated most was that he was continuously pushing me out of my comfort zone to pursue new customers in new ways, which resulted in double digit sales growth and growth for me personally as a seller.

profile pic Peter Taliaferro Sr. Account Manager Nov 2020

Will is a driven organizational leader who collaborates across functions to get things done. ... Will is analytical, thinks outside the box, and is willing to truly dive in and execute while rallying his team.

profile pic Norma Dorst Sr. Dir Global Marketing Nov 2020

Will is a strategic sales leader with a passion for developing his team and working cross-functionally to grow business. I appreciate Will's ability to pull people together across the organization

profile pic Paul Sweat Dir Business Development Nov 2020

Will is a high energy individual who combines pragmatism, business focus, commitment to perfection and leadership. [… He] has a great talent to remove confusion from complex situations

profile pic Jean Dassonville Marketing Manager Oct 2018

[William] always took on extra responsilities to get the job done. [… He] kept the company afloat with a superhuman sales results. I would joke that "Will not only got the low hanging fruit, he clear-cut the orchard."

profile pic Jeff Meyer Chief Technical Officer May 2015

Contact me

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I have effectively managed local and globally distributed teams. Let's talk!